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PropTech In Spain

PropTech in Spain is on the rise, from 2013 to 2018, 174 proptech start ups were created in Spain, with an average of thirty new companies per year. Madrid is the host to one of the most innovative events in the real estate sector in Spain, the PropTech Unconference on 23rd October, 2019. In Spain,

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Proptech in France

Proptech in France is not a new concept. Much like the UK, proptech in France has really picked up and new technologies are revolutionizing the way real estate businesses are done. Technology fuelled solutions are quickly solving localized problems intelligently and bringing about a change in the way real estate professionals work, and manage their

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PropTech In Portugal

The Proptech in Portugal is just unfolding, with scores of foreign buyers, the property prices. Demand for Real Estate services has strengthened and fuelled a demand for proptech players. In Southwestern Europe, located on the Iberian Peninsula is the stunning city of Portugal. This developed country has a high-income economy and is known to have

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PropTech In Ireland

Will proptech in Ireland be able to compete with the UK’s lead in Real estate tech sector, especially around proptech has given a tough fight to other countries in Innovation and attracting talent, the Real estate Tech Story is yet to unfold. Ireland has been leading the international real estate game for a significant period

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PropTech In Italy

Is proptech in Italy an upcoming sector that can be as strong as the fashion industry from Italy, the jury is divided. Italy is a country that offers an exceptional quality of life as well as a diverse landscape, with coastlines, highest mountains in Europe, rivers, lakes and even ancient villages. This immense wealth of

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PropTech In Jordan

Does proptech in Jordan have a chance to flourish? Probably yes. This is because Science and Technology is the fastest growing economic sector in Jordan, and real estate fueled by stable tourism is touted to grow. Let’s find out more about how proptech in Jordan is getting stronger day by day. Beautiful desert landscapes and

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PropTech In Israel

So many world number one positions for Israel but does it hold this position for proptech in Israel or its proptech sector? Read on to find out. The relatively small country of Israel is located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean sea and is one with a diverse topography. This developed country boasts high

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PropTech In Indonesia

Indonesia is deemed to be one of the top five economies globally by 2030, and everyone wants their share in it. Real Estate is fundamental to the growth, and hence the proptech in Indonesia is all set for growth. It is not news that Indonesia is currently enjoying favoured attention from the global tech giants

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PropTech in Hong Kong

Proptech In Hong Kong or Real Estate Tech in Hong Kong is an upcoming concept that is changing the way the real estate sector works and paving way for new entrepreneurs in real estate tech. Most of the major developers have started supporting innovation by either investing in proptech startups or by supporting them for

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