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As technology intertwines with the 200 trillion dollar real estate industry, there emerges a unique window of opportunity to be at the forefront of the most significant green revolution in tech

Why PropTech?

Innovative start-ups are stepping in to challenge the status quo in how we buy, rent and invest in residential property, saving time, costs and increasing accessibility. In the workplace, smart buildings and tech are being leveraged to enhance employee experience in a bid to remain competitive and retain talent. On a macro level, planning systems are also being refined, becoming more transparent, collaborative and efficient in the ways places are designed and futureproofed.


Where Technology Meets Real Estate

PropTech Time by HexGn is a digital Lab, focused on technologies dedicated to the real estate industry. Our mission is to be an active contributor for the digitization of real estate globally. We are the bridge between innovative technology startups, real estate market players, investors and industry experts to trigger higher growth.

What We Do

PropTech Maturity Score

We evaluate and scout through thousands of PropTech startups globally, using our proprietary Proptech Maturity Score, through our audit we advise you on potential gaps or strengths

PropTech Transformation

We assist you in developing Property Tech Services and products covering every step of the property cycle, so that your business is future ready and increases its efficiency

PropTech Investments

Are you looking to invest in PropTech startups or want to set up a corporate accelerator, we specialize in setting up corporate accelerators or scouting for high potential startups

About the 2024 survey

Through our 2024 Global PropTech Survey and its results, we aim to help our industry partners understand where and how they can support the PropTech entrepreneurs. Moreover, it also directs attention towards how this cooperation can be mutually beneficial and also intends to bridge the gap between the industry and entrepreneurs by starting a dialogue that will help both sides grow symbiotically.

Becoming Future Ready

Key Findings

The survey has helped HexGn reach out to real estate professionals in different segments, collect their views, and put them together for helping proptech segments around the world grow by learning from the challenges and achievements of other ecosystems. Those studying the report will be able to create new learnings within their entrepreneurial journeys based on the findings from the survey.

RoI oF PropTech Not Visible

According to the Global PropTech Time Survey conducted by HexGn, about 90% of professionals from the global real estate industry sample are uncertain about the returns on investing into proptech solutions.

PropTech Solutions Are Not Time Tested

The Global Proptech Time Survey. conducted by HexGn, pointed out that 77% of surveyed real estate professionals did not feel confident in jumping on to the proptech bandwagon. This is because they felt that the solutions are not time tested.

PropTech is Untapped Goldmine

According to HexGn’ Global PropTech Time Survey, 80% of surveyed real estate players are eagerly looking at proptech as a business enabler. This clearly indicates that the opportunities in proptech segment around the world that are yet to be tapped.

High Upfront cost a deterrent

71% of the respondents of the Global Proptech Time Survey, call out the high cost involved in implementing proptech as a dominant issue hindering the tech adoption rates in real estate.

topics Covered

Global PropTech Hubs

The USA, China and The UK

Emerging PropTech Hubs

Saudi Arabia, India

Gobal Survey Insights

How to collaborate for success

Action Points for Stakeholders

Where is the opportunity

What is PropTech?

PropTech is the wave of technological applications that is driving the real estate industry to new horizons brimming with innovation.

Global Proptech Time Survey

PropTech is the wave of  technological applications that is driving the real estate industry to new horizons brimming with innovation. It is safe to call it the digital transformation and journey that is re-defining the industry. Although real estate industry has started using technology for a long time now, with PropTech these technologies have shifted from being differentiating marketable factors for the companies, to the integral force that is helping the traditional real estate companies to make business processes more efficient. The growth of PropTech has been fuelled by deep tech innovations and also by the increasing investments in the sector.

Startups and larger companies conducting real estate survey services benefited from PropTech early on. Startups like Envelope is making its way into surveying processes arming chartered surveyors with the data they need to make   a profitable decision. Other than that, LIDAR mapping drone services have empowered the segment, bringing not just convenience but also efficiency to the process. Use of drones, 3D imaging, and big data are shaping the way new tech-driven survey segments are formed in real estate globally. Zoning and development analysis is not a time consuming affair anymore since the inception of Startups like Gridics that is helping developers complete surveying processes faster and are helping take the guesswork out of these functions, helping developers in  everything  to ensure that their money is invested in the right place. Investments too got strengthened overtime with the use of technology.

The  debut of Blockchain in PropTech  and real estate industry has created ripples in the investments and lending segment. Profitability is not characterized by secrecy anymore and liquidity options are even more accessible, thanks to blockchain.

The likes of Propy and ShelterZoom are perfect examples of those walking the talk about the potential of blockchain in PropTech. Tokenized ownerships and P2P rental models encourage transparency to penetrate at all levels and lend in the creation of unique real estate marketplaces. These services increase in importance as the shared economy players don on e-commerce hats. Blockchain has also effectively tackled the plaguing issues of fake or paid reviews.


The buzz around what Big Data and Analytics can do in the real estate industry has been around for the longest time and companies like Autodesk dived headfirst to make the most of the technology. Companies are now harnessing what data-rich BIM models can achieve. This coupled with 3D modelling and 3D printing, helps architects offer clients not just  designs but also a repository of other important building data. The role of big data and analytics have also in a way lend towards the creation of unique buildings used for storing data. Data  centres are expected to come up at a higher rate as a larger part of the world adopts cloud-based technologies and data-driven mechanisms giving all the more meaning to the quote – ‘Data is the new oil’.

A focus on Artificial Intelligence based products and services whose growth is expected to catapult further in the coming years is also important. AI is empowering the sales and marketing processes. Real estate marketplaces are drawing on the benefits that AI has to offer and so are intermediaries relying on the technology to boost sales. Bringing big data and AI to the forefront in PropTech to speed up revenues has been a much-needed tech step-up for the real estate industry. Facilities Management segment is being disrupted with its transformation from being low-tech to an all-tech space in a growing number of places globally. The segment emerged as a lucrative area within PropTech bringing to the market what was needed for a long time – simple and high-impact services. SpaceIQ and Envoy are two of the many trailblazers in this niche which is made up of both residential and commercial spaces facility management service providers. Technology has enabled and is continuously enhancing the efficient and sustainable management of properties.


Sustainability is the cornerstone for the array of businesses emerging in the PropTech segment of late. Green building solutions, are an important item on the checklist  in  the  development  of  all kinds of real estate. The concept of eco- friendly structures percolates all the way to the construction phase and Startups like Elevate Structure stand out among the other leading names. Big data, AI, and IoT applications to achieve sustainable real estate measures are yet to saturate, and the current buzz around applications using these technologies for making a building into a sustainable building is still not uniformly popular across the globe. Climate change and the decreasing non-renewable resources have pushed for development of new segments in every industry. The global trends and demands in PropTech services indicate towards green and smart buildings as the upcoming segments whose trends will dominate the industry in the next five years.

The green building segments attracted investments of $1.8 billion cumulatively from 2005 to 2018 displaying a CAGR of 29% during this period. While we talk about PropTech developments, it is imperative to talk about the surge in marketplace companies being launched. Online  marketplaces  (both real estate and related services &  products)  are some of the oldest examples of tech in real estate. The segment has seen a sharp rise in revenues and investments as technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and AI make way into these segments.


Better accessibility and personalization are further fuelling PropTech businesses around the world. With ways of working and living changing and the world moving towards a gig-based economy, the segment affiliated to these concepts have also expanded. The shared economy and marketplace segments have together found a place among the fastest-growing segments with some of the highest investments in the data analysed by HexGn for the aforementioned time period. The introduction of newer segments like senior living, marketplace, and green building among the others can perhaps be attributed to rising innovations and newer consumer groups. Some of these new segments in the industry and the consumer groups have also changed the trajectory for various socio-cultural concepts.


Tech-driven senior living communities and related services have helped in the creation of new segments that  are  the  intersection of PropTech and health tech. Shared  living and working spaces serve as unique arenas to network with people bridging all kinds of barriers. Traditional PropTech ideas have advanced with the help of deep tech and newer areas emerged in the last decade and so have new resources for funding. Crowdfunding and shared ownership patterns are inching towards becoming mainstream methods for people to buy real estate products.

Speakers & Key Delegates from Past events

We are inviting outrageously inventive and ambitious people to connect and co-create the future of real estate industry using data, insights and technology. Human connection is a crucial ingredient in building the next big thing. Join us in India and experience the energy.

Frank Fan
Director, Imperial International,
Hong Kong
Simon Galpin
Managing Director,
Bahrain EDB
Craig Smith
Chief Executive Officer at Dhahran Techno Valley Company, Saudi Arabia
Trey Goede
Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures(Wa'ed), Saudi Arabia
Jappreet Sethi
CEO, HexGn
Vythnathan Mahalingam
Head of Retail Leasing(Shopping Malls) at Landmark Group, Dubai
Tatsuya Takahashi
Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Z-Works, Tokyo, Japan
Ali Ghulam Murtaza
Director of Real Estate, Proptech, Tourism & Leisure Investment Development at Bahrain EDB
Arnie Sriskandarajah
Managing Director - Round Hill Ventures, London, UK
Abel Samaniego
Founder & CEO - DABBEL - Automation Intelligence , Düsseldorf - Germany
Ahmed Al Baharna
Managing Director, Al Baharna Holdings, Bahrain
Anil Kumar P
GM Real Estate & Facility - Suhail Bahwan Group Holding LLC, Oman

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