Building “Humane” Spaces That Inspire Human to Human Connection

Real estate developers, architect, and several real estate professionals, especially those involved in creating workspaces are witnessing a surge in need for spaces that foster human interactions and connections. The world is moving on from spaces that were along the lines of ‘command and control’ to more humane spaces. The idea of sharing and creating is taking precedence when it comes to designing spaces.

Governed by Inspiration and Creativity

Jobs are no longer just about bread-winning but have evolved to become fundamental aspects of what defines a person. Employers too are lobbying for workplaces that can help employees come to work and enjoy it as well. Stunning offices which focus on more than just offering great workstations have become as important as any other category of incentives. Cubicles did not just demarcate work areas but put up social walls as well, which was proving problematic for companies that wanted their employees to interact and collaborate more. Following the footsteps of companies like Google and Facebook, several large corporations did away with closed workstations for open offices.  The smaller companies, however, were slower to follow suit. As workspaces evolved to become communal spaces, productivity too increased. The way people work is heavily aided with technological tools which have made working styles more efficient but has also reduced opportunities for interacting with other employees. As offices and working methods grow increasingly influenced by agile techniques of working, coming to an office is not even required to get the job done. A lot of these factors have culminated in pushing for workspaces that have more common spaces for employees to interact, get to know each other, and discuss ideas in an informal setting.

Fun Workspaces for the Win

Organizations are also creating fully-equipped areas for brainstorming for employees. These dedicated spaces are increasingly getting characterized by unconventional choice of furniture and décor. Work desks are getting replaced by beanbags, quirky chairs, or floor mats; walls of such spaces are open for writing down ideas and are complete with the required gadgets for connectivity.

Offices are no more dull rooms or halls lined with desks and other furniture. Several offices are blurring the lines between the various areas of the office. Refreshments are no more limited just to the breakroom, and bright splashes of color in an office are not an uncommon sight. These spaces strengthen the chances of collaboration as well as innovation. Bouncing ideas off each other can be an extremely beneficial process for creativity, and can further help with bettering the performance.

Fun Workplaces – a quintessential for Stress free employees

Employers and employees have realized that all work and no play, can indeed make Jack a dull boy. People become the spaces they inhabit, and the modern workspace designs now focus on bringing employees alive rather than make them feel bogged down. Prominent community spaces within offices emit a sense of familiarity, making it an ideal place for catching up and de-stressing. The WHO has officially recognized burnout as an occupational phenomenon.  Burnout can often affect how professionals perform. Social spaces within offices can play a huge role in helping employees unwind. A person’s productivity is affected by their overall well-being.

Here are some ways designers and organizations are ensuring that spaces increase the opportunities to interact:

  • Designing offices and arranging rooms/halls to increase chance interactions. For examples, several organizations are placing coffee-machines/ refreshments at strategic locations to encourage team members to move around and interact with other employees, with whom they wouldn’t have interacted otherwise.
  • Creating multi-purpose spaces is also a growing trend. For example, the dining and the recreational areas are clubbed within a single area to encourage a variety of interactions and activities. Some offices even have large tables and ample seating within these areas that can be used for meetings.
  • Technology is being integrated into all areas of an office so that the spots to work from are plenty. This is aimed at helping kill the monotony that may arise from working in the same place.

Naysayers may believe that fun workspaces may hinder productivity, but on the contrary, such concepts can be a hit for increasing productivity. Employees can get the much-needed break and also find opportunities to interact with colleagues in a comfortable setting.

This article has been authored by Diyar Al Muharraq 

Diyar Al Muharraq is one of the most visionary and progressive urban developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain; an all comprehensive, fully integrated modern city best described as a complete society incorporating a strong line-up of projects which include a vast variety of residential and commercial properties, ideal for both personal and investment purposes. Aimed at creating a long term and sustainable township, Diyar Al Muharraq is located on the northern shores of Muharraq and comprises of 7 reclaimed islands of 10 square kilometers and total area spanning 12 square kilometers. Upon completion, Diyar Al Muharraq will encompass over 40 kilometers of waterfront with sandy beaches, and all the elements of a vibrant community ranging extensively from fully equipped educational facilities and schools, medical centres, recreation facilities, shopping malls, expansive parklands, hotels and marinas. Diyar Al Muharraq is to be a first of its kind development, one that aims to offers its occupants a safe haven for the ideal life.

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